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Clash of Crown Modded Description:

※The latest and popular SLG mobile game in 2019
※Download for free and win the powerful crown now!!

This is a legend from the continent of Garte.
At the heart of this continent grows a giant, divine tree known as the Tree of Origin.
The tree has nourished the earth and all the lives dwell upon it for many centuries.
But it became the source of conflicts soon.
The Alliance, the Empire, and the Tribe, have never stopped their fighting for the crown of Garte?
Who will wear the crown finally?
The endless war for power and glory has begun……

Game Features
【Be an overlord and rule them all】
Develop internal affairs and military to establish your city. Defeat against monsters and bandits, and collect resource to increase the strength of your city.
【Join Powerful Legions to Help one another】
Full set of legion features allow players to help one another: officer roles,legion quests and more! Legion can capture the enemy city and…

How to Install:

- For IOS device:
+ Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
+ Cydia Impactor.(Tutorial: How to use Cydia Impactor to install mod)
+ A Computer Running Windows/Mac/Linux.

- For Android device:
+ Uninstall old version.
+ Download & install modded version
+ Enjoy.

Clash of Crown Mod Features:

Clash of Crown Mod Menu
- I added a Mod Menu into Clash of Crown game. You can select the function you want (some function maybe not work).

Clash of Crown Mod Information:

  • App Name
    Clash of Crown
  • Root/Jailbreak
    Android: No; IOS: No
  • Version
  • File Size
  • Mod By
    UGM Team
  • Google Play Link

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