7.0 / March 15, 2019
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Squire – Character Manager v7.0 [Mod] screenshot Squire – Character Manager v7.0 [Mod] screenshot

Squire - Character Manager Modded Description:

Imagine you had just escaped from a prison cell. You have no armor and no weapons (now take time to recalculate your AC and attack roles). You bare-hand fight your way through the guards to the armory and you get all of your gear back. You put your armor back on and equip your trusty weapon (take the time to recalculate your AC and attack roles AGAIN). Now you’re on your way trying to get out of the prison and you go through a series of encounters, each of which you have used different spells or shot your weapons multiple times. You’re finally at the front door and the main boss is blocking your way. You engage him and just as you are about to attack, you can’t remember if you’ve already used all of your spell slots or if you’ve shot all of your arrows.

This app is designed for role playing games which requires a lot of different calculations to be made for each attack, skill check, and defense. A lot of work goes into maintaining your character sheet. This app does a…

How to Install:

- For IOS device:
+ Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
+ Cydia Impactor.(Tutorial: How to use Cydia Impactor to install mod)
+ A Computer Running Windows/Mac/Linux.

- For Android device:
+ Uninstall old version.
+ Download & install modded version
+ Enjoy.

Squire - Character Manager Mod Features:

Squire - Character Manager Mod Menu
- I added a Mod Menu into Squire - Character Manager game. You can select the function you want (some function maybe not work).

Squire - Character Manager Mod Information:

  • App Name
    Squire - Character Manager
  • Root/Jailbreak
    Android: No; IOS: No
  • Version
  • File Size
  • Mod By
    UGM Team
  • Google Play Link

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